Love stories are never boring to me.  The way God brings two people together is nothing short of a miracle.  In the Spring of 2003 I was a Senior living in Upland, Indiana.  Ethan was a Junior at the University of Indianapolis.  Contemplating graduation, I strongly considered moving to Chicago to begin urban-living and ministry.  Instead, I felt peace about staying and working local Marion, Indiana with youth and families.  At the same time, Ethan felt pulled to come back to Upland to finish his degree at Taylor (he’d transferred out a few years back).  Upon being coaxed by a friend, he volunteered at the ministry in Marion where I worked.  The rest is history…falling hard and fast, we married a year and a half later…and haven’t slowed since. 

Twins Malachi and Lincoln came almost 3 years later…

And the third offspring, Kingston came 2.5 years after that. 

Moving more than 7 times in 6 years, we’ve finally settled in a great brownstone-style house on the southside of Chicago.  Investing in our community, church, family, and friends is what consumes the day to day…


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