My snaggle-tooth sweetie

5 11 2013

Planning to post more about our Halloween this year, but wanted to write this down before it slips from my mind.

Malachi is very close to losing his top tooth and I’m definitely hoping he’ll lose it before school pix this Thurs 🙂  Right now, he’s rocking a pretty crazy snaggle tooth!

So this evening I was sitting down with Malachi to do homework.  We went over his sight words and he started getting frustrated.  He teared up, “My brain just isn’t smart enough to learn to read!”  He started sobbing.  I was fighting back the tears too.  My heart was breaking for him as he was starting to realize that the other kids in his class and his brother were picking up on it much quicker than he….  A few minutes before, I’d prayed for patience with the kids b/c Ethan is gone again for the 4th time this month traveling for work and they were being a bit crazy….  I didn’t know quite how to respond.  So we talked abt how big his brain was and his ability to learn.  I then asked him if he wanted to pray about it and we did.  We asked God to help him learn to read and have confidence that he can learn.  We talked about how telling himself that he’s not smart enough to learn to read is a lie.  And then we started sounding out the words and he got it!  He was so proud of himself!  He said he wanted to share about it during share-time in school tomorrow.  And then wanted to keep practicing writing and reading sentences the rest of the evening.  What a relief to see him excited and confident in what he can do!  And LIncoln was so sweet in encouraging him and giving him high-fives everytime he learned a new word.





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5 11 2013

What a sweet story! That makes three of us who wiped tears from our eyes tonight! And what a loving Lord we serve, who listens to a five-year-old’s prayer and immediately enables him to do what he could not do moments before. Malachi’s confidence was built up, and his faith in God as well. I’m so glad you recorded this, Holly. You’ll be able to remind him of this when he needs a boost.
Love, Gigi

5 11 2013

My heart was going out to him. I remember going through similar thoughts, after learning I was starting 1st grade a year early, just one month before school, and sitting down with my sister to get a reading lesson. I am so proud of Malachi. Please tell him that, and when I see him again, I will be so excited to have him read to me.

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