Through the glass… a look at our babe…

28 10 2013

What a funny little independent guy he is!  He is very decisive regarding if he wants to speak to someone or not… often coming across rude.  We’re working on it, but often when he sees a stranger (or friend) that says hello to him, he will so, “No.  I don’t want to talk to you!”  On the other hand, he will often be super sweet and say the funniest things like today, “You’re welcome.  Any time!”


Shows:  Dragon Tales, Power Rangers, Rescue Bots

Playtime:  Toy zoo animals, trucks, pretending to the characters from the above shows!

Friends:  Zachary, Everett, Matthew and Alex, Cenea, and Lily

Food:  Anything carbs!  I’m now requiring him to eat fruits or veggies before every carb snack!

Phrases:  “It’s perfect!”,  “Sure you can!”

Clothes:  He’s more particular about what he wears than the twins ever were!  Has to wear his croc shoes every day and red hat

Continues to be our sweetheart, mama’s boy, highly opinionated, and very funny babe!







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