15 10 2013

Just wanted to record a few funny things the boys said lately…

Overheard Malachi and Lincoln talking about girls last night in bed… preview of years to come I’m sure!  This morning, Malachi cuddled up with me and I asked him if he likes any girls.  He said, “No, but if I was a teenager I would.”  I asked what girls he would like if he was a teenager and he got embarrassed and said, “Mom, you’re making me smile!”  🙂

We rode the train today and Malachi said, “Look, all the people look like little mice!”  And Kingston said, “Look at all the cheese!”   The train announced the next stop would be King Drive.  Kingston looks confused and says, “I don’t drive!”

A couple weeks ago I was cutting Lincoln’s hair and I asked him if any of the kids in his class ask to touch his hair.  He said, “No.” and paused for a bit, “they just touch it without asking.”  LOL.  IMG_3087






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