Ode to Garwoods Orchard

1 10 2013

Decided to go up to one of my favorite childhood places and one of our favorite annual traditions!   Garwoods Apple Orchard!  There was also a field nearby that I loved and envisioned getting a few sunset shots.  This one turned out to be my favorite!  I plan to print it (along with the following 2 photos) as 20X30 prints to frame in our living room.


I love the colors, the flow, the openness in this photo.  When I’ve been in the city too long, I usually just need an open field to breath in and feel refreshed again.  So glad this image will grace my home.

The next two photos are some of my other favorites.  The first is probably the best family shot we got.  Kingston was much more cooperative this year for photos, but gave a funny forced smile in most pictures.  This was one of his more natural smiles.


I asked one of my friends and clients Ashlie Otis to take our photos this year.  I photographed her wedding in 2012 and she is so great with children and was gracious enough to take our photos and allow me to have all the raw images to edit myself.  I always appreciate seeing other photographers ideas.  She had the idea to pose them all with their hands in their pockets and I adore how it turned out!


A few other favorites…

IMG_3139 IMG_3209 IMG_3087 IMG_3049

Those brown eyes get me everytime…


And a rarity… shots of my and my love of 8 years!   If you’ve spent any time around us, you know this first one really captures our relationship well!


IMG_3392 IMG_3171

The next day we went back to the orchard to go apple picking.  The  boys are great tree climbers these days so loved scrambling up the trees to help get the apples up high!


We like having the boys carry the bags these days… free labor, right?

DSC_0004 DSC_0002





Soooo excited about apples!!



Sometimes I think he looks so much like my side of the family… and then other times he looks so much like Ethan!





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