Labor Day Getaway!

5 09 2013

The boys had barely 8 weeks off of school this summer and between work, photography, and all the school meetings due the the school closures that I was a part of, we never took a family vacation.  On Labor Day weekend we planned to take a camping trip with the twins, but all campgrounds required a 3 night stay and we weren’t really wanting to do THAT long with them just yet!

So instead, we decided to take a day trip up to Holland, MI.  We left Kingston with my mom and Carl and headed to a great little petting farm called Critter Barn.  It’s a free petting farm that uses volunteer children over the age of 8 to help care for the animals and teach visitors about them.  They were so friendly and eager to show us all the rabbits, chickens, goats, pigs, cows, etc.  It was such a fun experience for us all and honestly would’ve been my dream job as a child!  🙂



The main barn


Linc feeding the baby goats.  They give us free buckets of hay for all the animals…



Some animals were more aggressive than others!



Malachi’s favorite was the calf.





Lincoln loved the rabbits and the goats.

We then hit up lunch in downtown Holland and got some great icecream at Kilwins.

Afterwards we took them for their first go-carting ride, bumper boats, mini golf, and arcade.  The loved every minute of it!  Except the mini-golf!





Malachi was literally squealing with delight the whole ride!



His form is a little lacking…



Trying to teach them the rules and form for mini golf.  Lasted about 3 holes and then we let them do what they wanted.






So glad we took a day with our Kindergartners!  They were so happy the whole day and we love seeing them experience new adventures.





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