One child is a day at the beach!

29 08 2013

Okay, not really… he hasn’t been taking long enough naps and has approximately 10 meltdowns a day over random things.  But I really do enjoy having the freedom of doing things with just one child and enjoying Kingston on his own.  We spent a rather chilly morning at the beach.


I love his little grown-up saunter.  He’s such a sturdy little guy and runs like a linebacker.   But also imitates pretty much everyone older.


I’m counting on family pictures to go better this year as he actually will look at the camera now and say “cheese” (although it often ends up looking a bit forced!)


Picking up rocks and throwing them in the water is still a favorite activity.


Notice the rock in the background


“Look mama!  The rock went super far!”


This face.  Such a mixture of his father and my father.  ❤


We walked out on the pier and enjoyed watching the waves crash up against the rocks.


We are slowly working through my toddler “check list”.  He is in a big boy bed and we got rid of the pacifier.  Now to tackle potty training.  He is quite resistant.  But this morning he came in to my room and said, “Mom, my diaper is falling off.  Fix it.”  So we’ll try in a couple weeks I suppose (can you tell my resolve and enthusiasm!?)


He said, “Mom, your toes are black.  Paint them pink again.”  Okay boss.


Love these little chubby feet with his flip flop tan lines.


Finished off with a picnic.  He loves having picnics at the beach and told me in detail what to pack.  The other day I gave him a cookie and he said, “This is the most delicious cookie, mom!”  He is so grown up sometimes!  But still such a momma’s boy… until I ask him to take a picture with me!





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