Two going on Six!

11 05 2013

Boy this little guy is keeping us on our toes!  He is quite possibly one of the cutest and sweetest 2 yr olds ever.  But also soooo opinionated about how things should be and expresses it as if he were 6!

A few cute things to note from this week about Kingston:

-When I squeeze his legs and ask him what I’m squeezing he says, “Those are my chunk-em thighs!”

-His bedtime routine consists of wearing a super hero cape, taking his Little People zoo animals (daddy hippopotamus and mommy flamingo) to bed, and saying prayers with mommy rocking him.

-Lincoln was upset yesterday and he very sweetly said, “You want a hug, Lincoln?  Don’t cry.  It’s okay.”  ❤

-His favorite phrase these days is “I don’t like _____ anymore.”  Fill in the blank with a tv show, color, food, person, etc.  When he says he doesn’t like a person I tell him we can’t say that because it’s not being kind.  He now tells me when I get mad at them and yell, “That’s not being kind, mommy.”  ouch.

-He wanted to wear big boy underwear this week, but wet them twice and never used the toilet.





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