A little winter catch-up

17 02 2013

My camera was at the hospital for about 6 weeks this winter, including over Christmas, so I don’t have many photos from this year.  It was a great celebration, though and the boys really loved getting costumes (Hulk, Ironman, Spiderman, etc).  A few highlights from the past month or two:

– Celebrated MLK Day by doing random acts of kindness.  Went to a local nursing home to pass out hot chocolate and flowers, brought cookies to construction workers, and brought candy to the YMCA.

-Celebrated Valentines Day with the boys making Valentines and cookies for their class.  Then Ethan made homemade menus and a delicious meal for he and I that night.  He left some sweet love notes around the house, very thoughtful!

-Kingston continues to be super verbal and amazes us every day with what he understands and communicates.  Today, he was playing with his pretend lap-top computer.  He said, “Watch Diego Giant Octopus on Kingston’s Computer?”  His favorite episode of Diego is the Giant Octopus and we let him watch it on our computer sometimes.  He loves playing with his brothers and immitating with they do.  They’ve been really into playing super heros lately and Ethan dressed up with them yesterday and played for hours.  Kingston was “super spy” (he came up with this himself).

DSC_0159 DSC_0163 DSC_0166




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