Those gore-ralls are naked!

13 12 2012

So a couple months ago, Ethan took the twins to the Art Museum downtown.  He got free passes from the library and gave me an afternoon to myself.  🙂

They did great the whole time and were genuinely interested in the exhibits.  I love that the boys are so curious and don’t get easily bored and need to be entertained.

The last exhibit was a huge wall-sized mural of a forest that had naked women in it.  As soon as they walked in, Malachi exclaimed loudly, “Dad, those girls (he pronounces girls “gore-ralls”) are naked!  They have whiskers on their chinas (another mispronunciation of a female body part!)”  Lincoln says, “Yeah, why is there hair there?”  Ethan is mortified, hoping nobody has heard this conversation and tries to quickly escort them out of the room.  Lincoln then say, “I don’t think that was hair, I think that was bugs!”  And then they sing loudly the rest of the way out of the museum, “Bugs on their chinas, bugs on their chinas….”

Needless to say, I was DYING laughing when he got home and told me this story.




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