22 month stats

13 12 2012

Kingums is almost 22 months now.  He had his well-baby check (2 months late?  Or 2 months early?)  He weighs 29.10 lbs. and is 35 inches which puts in him steadily in the 75th percentile for both.  He’s off the charts in his verbal and gross motor skills and above average in fine motor and social skills.  Little smarty-pants.  I chalk it up to following after his brothers and thinking he’s a big kid already!  He seriously mimics everything we say and do.  He’s putting 3-4 word sentences together now and I’d guess his vocabulary is well above 150 words now.  Still such a sweet and cuddly boy, he wants to cuddle with me and rock before nap and bedtime.

He prefers mommy over anyone still.  Will definitely have his tantrums over silly things like not wanting to wear a hat.  Although we suspect he’s a Cubs fan as this is the only hat he will wear outside in the cold.  He gets annoyed when his brothers bother him too much and lets them know.  And they certainly instigate.  We all adore him still though.  He definitely enjoys still being the baby of the family.

DSC_0008-2 DSC_0207




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