Update on my cute and crazy boys!

7 11 2012

Every single day, these kids say and do things that I think “Oh my gosh, I need to blog about this!”  But with all the hectic schedules from school, to work, to photoshoots, I have been way to far behind!

So here’s my best update of the fam:

Malachi- loves being creative, playing pretend, asking questions.  He’s extremely curious about everything around him.  He has learned to write him name in school and is very proud of this.  He’s also picking up on math fairly quickly.  He seems to be intruigued by girls but doesn’t know what to do with them so often is a little mean (we’re working on this a lot and pray nightly to be kind).   He loves playing with his friends and brothers.  Loves to help cook and make crafts.

Lincoln- loves doing homework and is very diligent in school.  He picks up on things quickly and wants to learn to read.  He will memorize a book by the pictures in order to read it back to you.  Very sweet and sensitive in general.  But also really silly.  He will say things that are rude sometimes and laugh in order to try and get out of punishment.  In general very compliant and wants to please us.  Gets along really well with kids at school and is a bit more shy and reserved at first.

Kingston- oh Kingston.  Such a toddler already.  Crazy smart.  Understands and verbalizes so much.  In fact, I have noted that in general the more verbal he becomes, the happier he is.  He loves routines such as his morning routine, taking his brothers to school, getting his stroller, brushing his teeth, saying goodnight to everyone.  Plays fairly well alone for 20-30 min at a time.  Still a picky eater which drives me batty.   I’m going to videotape them all tomorrow so I can capture all the cute things he’s saying.  He really is so cute which serves him well when he’s been stubborn and naughty 🙂

Ethan- oh Ethan.  haha 🙂  A couple months ago he was given the opportunity to start a new position as a director of business incubation for Sunshine Gospel Minstries.  Our neighbor and friend is the Executive Director and has long been hoping Ethan would take this position.  Finally some funding came through and seemed to be such amazing timing and fit for him.  He’s only able to be paid part-time (though is basically working full-time) and we will be working to raise some of his salary and Sunshine will be raising more as well.  It’s amazing to see my husband in a job that fits him, encourages him, excites him, and gives him purpose.  So incredibly thankful 🙂

Me- I’m getting more and more involved with our neighborhood, getting to know neighbors more and spend time with them.  I try to volunteer often at the boys’ school.  We are praying about whether to keep them at Wadsworth (our local school) next year and leaning toward that option.  My photography business is going well and keeping me quite busy.  I had several weddings this year which were fun, but exhausting.  I will probably not take quite as many next year.  I’m also working on an exciting opportunity to mentor/hire a few budding photographers from our neighborhood this coming year.  More abt all of this in posts to come 🙂

The boys were spiders for Halloween this year.  Kingston hated the costume for the first 10 minutes, was fine when we were outside, and then cried as soon as we got home.




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