Feelin a little weepy tonight…

19 07 2012

Weaning the baby.  So sad.  Listening to “Leather and Lace” by Stevie Nicks which played when he was born in the delivery room.

It was a big surprise to me how much I enjoyed breastfeeding all my kids.  I was on the fence abt it with the twins and thought if it didn’t work, I’d be fine with bottle feeding them.  But fortunately, it went well and I nursed them easily for 19 months.  Kingston was harder to nurse b/c he’s slightly tongue-tied which made for a painful experience for me for a long time (even at time now it still is).  I planned to nurse him till he was 2.  But my body is holding onto the extra baby weight (despite my absolute best efforts to diet and exercise) and I think weaning is needed at this point.  I feel guilty, selfish, as if I’ll regret not doing it longer.  However, I also know he’s growing up and not as much of a baby anymore 😦

Oh Kingston, how I adore you.





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