Early readers? Not so much…

1 06 2012

We haven’t spent much time practicing our letters lately.  But, how lucky are we that we live literally 1.5 blocks away from a fabulous community garden…and we got a much-coveted spot this year!?  Oh, yeah!  We’re stoked!  Already stealing strawberries from plot-neighbor Kim’s bushes!

We’ve planted cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, strawberries, squash, melons, and tomatoes.  The boys love helping me water them and watching their growth.  It’s a great family activity and teaching opportunity.

*Personal disclosure/tangent-  I have tried at different points to have a more structured day with the boys that incorporates learning/crafts…and I fail consistantly.  While artistic, I’m not crafty.  And I’m not a natural teacher.  I lack patience and structure.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s routine to our day and expectations that the boys follow.  But doing sit-down activities is not a daily part of our lives.  I was recently challenged by a friends to embrace the strengths in my personality and parent accordingly.  So I’ve been trying to focus on that.  I’m more of a spontaneous person and therefore we do a lot of hands-on, out-in-the-community learning.  The garden has been a perfect example of this.  And I’m starting to be okay with that.

I’m outside nearly every day with the boys and as a family we’ve been trying to go out and do some fun activity in the city (zoo, beach, conservatory) once a week.

They’ll be okay not learning to read until Kindergarten, right?





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1 06 2012
Rachel Vanoven

Hey Holly! Would love to be added on your private list!!

And on the kindergarten thing–are you opposed to a 3 times a week for a few hours preschool? Having BTDT, I would say the majority of kids at Brynn’s public kindergarten (she’s in private now) had been in preschool and learned to read/write beforehand. Our older two all went two years (preschool then pre-K) Tuesdays-Thursdays from 9:30-12:00 in the mornings at a small Christian preschool and it was SO good for them to start getting that structured learning time, lots of Bible stories/songs, interaction with kids in a school environment, etc. I’m like you, I’m a doer….we read books, but no flashcards or educational sit-down teaching on my part! We do go to the zoo, parks, creeks, museums, etc. like you, so I feel you!

Just curious as to why you’re not doing the preschool thing!

1 06 2012

They will absolutely be okay waiting until kindergarten to learn to read! (Plus it gives me job security.) In my opinion, the most important thing parents can do to prepare their children for kindergarten (and life) is to have meaningful conversations with them. Having known you in college, I am sure you do this ALL THE TIME.

1 06 2012

They turned 4 in April and will start preschool in the fall and I can’t wait! It’s in the mornings and a great program at the school 1/2 block away from us.

1 06 2012

You’re such a great mama, and remind me to be more spontaneous and just enjoy my girls. And besides, theyre so cute, theyll have girls writing papers and taking tests for them, they wont need to know how!;)

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