How we roll on the U Block

3 04 2012

Get as many kids to try and jump rope at the same time.

Never made it more than one rotation.

Lots of pointing fingers and blame.

The big ones look out for the little ones.  And steal their bikes 😉

Jessie is the protector.  She barks at e.v.e.r.y. stranger.  The boys love her.  Kingson goes to our window almost every day whenever he hears her bark and says, “dog-ga”.

With a 10:1 boy/girl ratio on the block, these two sweeties have to assert their femininity in interesting ways…

He was kept very safe riding his tricycle that day.

Chairs are optional on the U-block.

And apparently, so are shoes (see background).  Kingston playing peek-a-boo and wearing pajama pants.  Cause on the U-block, we don’t judge.

In all seriousness, though, we have the sweetest bunch of kids in our little corner of the city.  Unspoiled, loving, kind, innocent, creative, and rambunctious are just a few adjectives that describe them.  They are so patient with the younger ones and I rarely have to break up squabbles.  It’s a very unique thing we’ve found in a large city.  It’s a place that feels reminscent of the small town rural neighborhood I grew up in.  While there are certainly big-city issues that we see and feel in our neighborhood, we remain ever thankful that our kids have such a great community to be part of.  I’m also getting to know and so appreciate the relationships we’re forming with the other parents here.  Can I just press “pause” on the age of all these kids right now?!




3 responses

3 04 2012
Uncle Peter

That looks awesome! Glad you guys have settled into this chicago version of DV 🙂

3 04 2012

super cute! Thanks for sharing!

3 04 2012

Great photo essay! I love the pink Ironman!

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