Funny conversations….

9 03 2012

Just want to be better abt writing down funny and sweet things the boys are saying… been complining a few things over the past couple months.  There’s so many I’ve forgotten to write down, but will try to be better abt it this year.

Malachi:  Mom, can I join my friends and their school?

Me:  No, hunny you’re too young to go to school.

Malachi:  But mom, I want to learn all my letters at school!

(Malachi playing with Noura and she has to change her pants so closes the door).

Malachi: Noura, why did you close the door?

Noura:  Because I’m changing and you can’t see my private parts.

Malachi:  But I want to see your private parks!

Lincoln:  Mom, I used to be a baby and then I growed up into a monster and then a little boy.

Me:  That explains age 2.

Lincoln’s prayer on 1/30/12:  “Thank you that Malachi pooped in the toilet.  Thank you we eat healthy food and we eat peanut butter and jam and treats.  Thnk you mommy is the best mommy in the whole world.  Thank you GiGi is the coolest.  Thank you I marry Noura.  We love you Jesus, amen.”

I told Lincoln he needed to come inside to take a bath.  He starts undressing himself in front of his friends.  So I tell him to stop.  And he responds, “Yeah, if I take my clothes off, they will all laugh at me!”

Malachi comes in with a dress shirt on and says he wants me to button it so he can look like daddy and go to work like daddy.  I asked him what he will do at work and he says he will see all the doctors and give them buckets for people to get sick in.

Lincoln (while watching the Toy Story 3 movie):  Mom!  Woody dropped his hat.  We need to go help him!  I’ll get into the movie to help him.  I”ll just break the tv a little and climb in and you can fix it with sticky tape, okay?

Malachi prayer on 2/28/12:  “Thank you I don’t have a mean mommy and mommy’s head didn’t fall off.”

When discussing the homeless man we gave money to, Malachi says, “I think we should use our magic powers to make a big shooting star that will go in the sky and sprinkle houses all over for people to live in.”  If only it were that easy… 🙂

When talking abt his favorite part of the doctor visit this week, Lincoln said, “My favorite part was when the doctor went away.”





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10 03 2012

hahaha LOVE them!!!

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