94th percentile and sun and wind burned

9 03 2012

Took the boys for their 4 yr. and 1 yr. check-ups this week.  Recording their stats for my own records.  At this rate, Kingston will pass up his brothers by the time he’s 2!  We were also shocked that Malachi was 4 lbs. bigger than Lincoln!  They’re virtually the same height and Malachi has always felt heavier, but never outweighed Lincoln by more than 2 lbs.  The doctor said he’s technically obese when looking at his weight vs. height measurements.  But of course, there’s not an ounce of fat on him so he’s just super muscular.  Footballer in our future?

Developmentally all the boys are doing great for their age.  Kingston is already saying 6-8 words along with signs and walking, using fine motor skills ect.  Having healthy and normally-developing children is something I’m certain I take for granted.

Malachi- 37.3 lbs. (67th percentile), 39 inches (25th percentile

Lincoln- 33.5 lbs.  (25th percentile), 38.5 inches (20th percentile)

Kingston- 26 lbs. (94th percentile), 29 inches (50th percentile)

This week, we enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather and took a 3 hour walk with our neighbors to the park and then the lake.  It was so warm and windy and sunny and glorious!  As you can see, the kids eventually were all completely worn out!  I was in bed by 9 that night as well!  It was a wonderful tired feeling.

Seems like just yesterday they were in the baby swings!

Kingston loved his first time in the swing!

Grant wasn’t so sure!

Moses paving the way to the Red Sea…err… Lake Michigan.

Wind-blown and happy (and working on his 3rd bottom tooth currently which means not sleeping well again)

Sweet little Lily looking at fish in the pond.

Gorgeous flowers Lincoln picked for me.  🙂

Love how Lincoln has his arm around Lily as they all fell asleep 🙂

We got asked abt 10 times on our walk if we ran a daycare.  haha….




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