Age 1 and almost 4 (likes and dislikes)

23 02 2012


Likes- running, jumping, WRESTLING, throwing anything, helping us clean and cook, playing with “Kingums”, watching Diego, Dora, Dragon Tales, and Power Rangers, pretending, dressing in costumes, playing with trucks, riding his bike, playing with his friends.  He loves to eat pasta (like mama!), most meat, cheese, carrots, most fruit, and sweets (like mama!).

Dislikes- sitting still activities, sharing with Lincoln, green veggies, and talking on the phone.

All in all, he’s happy if he’s active!  He’s still more confident in social situations, but is less obedient and a bit sneaky when he wants to do something.  He’s very tender-hearted and sweet at times, but also can be aggressive when he’s upset.  We’re learning how to tailor our parenting to each child, and right now Malachi has been the most challenging to figure out how to get him to consistently obey.  He’s very curious and wants to know how things work.  His curiosity often clouds his judgement and he makes messes quite often.


Likes- running, jumping, wrestling, coloring, writing letters, reading, playing with “Kingums”, dressing up, playing pretend, watching Dora, Diego, Dragon Tales, and Power Rangers, riding bikes, playing with friends, going shopping with mom, and helping set the table.  He loves to eat fruit, veggies, and pasta/grains, pb&j, cheese, yogurt, and sweets.

Dislikes- being wrong (he is stubborn and refuses to be reasoned with), eating most meat, disappointing mom and dad (he gets very upset).

All in all, he’s a pretty great kid most of the time and usually happy.  He wants to please us and has a longer attention span than Malachi in doing sit-down activities.  He gets frustrated when he’s upset and doesn’t calm down as quickly as Malachi.  He likes order and knowing what to expect and responds well to consistent discipline.  He’s very intuitive and pays attention to detail.  He’s in touch and sensitive to other’s feelings and good at expressing his own.


Likes- crawling, taking a few steps at a time, clapping, dancing, shimmying his head back and forth, nursing, laughing, playing with his brothers, snuggling, giving open-mouth kisses, waving, using signs (more and all done), crawling up the stairs, turning on and off lights, playing in the toilet (oy!)

Dislikes- Being left alone, eating green veggies, having his brother smother him, being in his carseat too long.

All in all (have I used this phrase too much?), he’s a pretty easy-going baby.  He loves to have fun and laugh and is very adaptable.  He’s still a mama’s boy, and suprises me how much he understands and communicates already at this age.  He can say Mama, Dada, Baby, Cracker, Ball,  Water, and Bye Bye.  He points to people when you ask where they are, and uses signs when he’s hungry.  He’s finally starting to sleep through the night (up once or twice for a paci).  He has 4 top teeth and two bottom.  He’s taking 4-5 steps at a time. 




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