Go shorty, it’s your birthday…

22 02 2012

Look at that sweet face!

I can’t believe my babe is 1!

You bring us such laughter, joy, and thankfulness each day…

Prior to your birth, I was concerned how an addition would affect the dynamic of our family.  Would we have enough love and energy to spread around?  Suffice to say, your brothers have an abundance of love and energy to give you!

Sometimes you can’t even stand how much they love you!

I want you to always know that there was a time when they asked for you to play with them in their room every day.  And hugged and kissed you 20 times a day.  And thought you were the cutest baby in the world.

You have added immeasurably more to our family than I ever could have imagined.  You truly have always had the sweetest spirit, social and fun personality, and cuddly nature.  How lucky we are to get to raise you.




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25 02 2012


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