Like night and day

14 02 2012

I’ve felt a bit like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde these past few weeks.  After a bout with the flu that ran through the whole family, my energy level and patience level has been at a minimum.  I can go from loving the boys intensely, especially when they do things like this and cuddle with Kingston on the chair to watch a show (and surprisingly he will sit with them happily the entire time!)

But then I find myself getting angry wtih them in the next moment when they get crazy and restless and naughty.  The truth is, they are being their age.  And that means they are becoming manipulative and try to get their way, and fight with each other more, and there’s two of them.  So I have to be extra patient and consistant.  And it exhausts me.  And we’re all stir crazy.  And only have one car.

And having grown up with a cornfield as my back yard, living in the city makes my soul feel trapped at times… and I just need to see this…

So we took a day trip to the country and I got a bit of space.

It was good for me, and gave them some change of pace.  As much as I try to be, I’m just not structured or creative or crafty, so the best I’m able to do is take the boys out on various trips.  And I long for good weather b/c it really makes all the difference.  They’re still pretty cute and sweet most of the time…

Thankfully, this mama got a break from the boys this past weekend and had a great time with college girlfriends celebrating  a new baby coming in March for one of them!  Lots of laughs and new memories made…

I’m going try and keep my sanity with a few things…I’ll be trying to resume daily exercise which helps my energy and mood, reading the boys Children’s bible with them every day, and be in prayer for Ethan every day b/c it gives me compassion and connection with him, even when he’s gone.




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14 02 2012
Uncle Peter

I totally know what you mean about needing to get out into the country sometimes. I feel the same way sometimes. But you couldn’t be more wrong about not being crafty. #amygrantoriginalart

14 02 2012

you’re an amazing mama that needs a 2.5 week vaca:)

15 02 2012

Thanks for the reminder that sometimes what we see as being naughty is just ‘acting their age’. Gavin has been more defiant (I won’t is a favorite phrase) and rambunctious lately (being inside in winter is a real challenge). The reminder that he is just being three is a good one. We also look for at homel adventures-last week we sat on the porch and watched tree trimmers across the street.

16 02 2012

Oh Holly, I am exactly the same way! I keep looking forward to spring and summer so we can get out and do more fun things. I am not very creative at home either; I just want to go to the zoo or a park or on a hike or something fun! 😉

And I think boys are harder when it comes to being their age and being rambunctious. I struggle with that too (the noise! the messes! ack!). And I am on bed rest now so I lay helplessly while my son turns into a Tasmanian Devil. 🙂 You are not alone my friend! 🙂

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