When you think about it, it aint so bad…

21 01 2012

Ethan started a new job this week, managing a health clinic.  It has many positives for our family and for him, but one of the negatives is longer hours away from home and we only have one vehicle, so I’ve been worried (okay, dreading) getting through the winter months stuck indoors…

Thankfully, this motley crew visited us mid-week.

Not quite sure what the twins are doing in this pic (perhaps giving an oath and testimony?)

Linc is really obsessed with marrying Noura right now.  He has long conversations with me abt their wedding, swearing it already happened.  Noura told him he was just pretending and he got very upset.

The girl who caputured Lincoln’s heart…a true pirate princess.

Malachi insists on wearing this panda costume even though it’s too small and hurts everytime it goes over his head.

Apparently this is how a fireman poses.

Eliana is gettng old enough to keep up with the big kids now…though she is very sweet with Kingston too.

Kingston is keeping me on my toes also.  He’s started standing on his own (going from ground to standing position on his own) this week.  And I left him for a few minutes to play in the boys room and found him like this…

He’s also working on getting FOUR top teeth.  They’ve been working their way out for the past 2 months it seems and he’s been up multiple times at night.  REally hoping this phase is over soon!

And I’m constantly surprised how much he’s learning.  Either my memory is bad, or the twins were less advanced…but he seems to be picking up language and comprehension much sooner than I anticipated.  He loves to dance and shimmy his head back and forth.  He’s picking up on signs (more, all done) and says “mama”, “dada”, “bye bye” (waves too).  And this week we started playing with this pop-up toy.  He was starting to actually learn the animals and which ones to bat down when I asked him.  Smarty pants.

And oh boy does he want to keep up with the big kids!  The past two days, they’ve gotten some snow-therapy, and little dude had to watch out the window…

I love this pic of his little hand waving at his brothers!

Malachi could stay out for hours.  Lincoln, not so much.

I’m with Linc- I made a raspberry pie while watching them from the safety of my heated kitchen!

Later that day, we made a fox den under the table and played for at least an hour.  I don’t do those kinds of activities with them nearly enough, but it’s so fun.  They’re incredibly imaginative and fun boys.  Trying to set aside housework more to prioritize these things.

Funny things said this week:

Malachi (while changing his pull-up in the morning):  “Mom, I want Lincoln to come see my poop.”

Me: “Well, he’s downstairs and I already folded it up.”

Malachi:  “Well, I want him to at least come smell it so he can say it’s nasty.”

And he did.

Guess how many items of clothing he wore to bed?  Eight.  Oh my.

So all in all, though a long week, it really wasn’t so bad!




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