Happy 10 months King-ums!

22 12 2011

I’m in a bit of denial that I have only 2 more months until my baby Kingston turns 1!  Noooooo!

He’s mastered waving and saying “bye bye”, putting arms up for “sooo big”, laughing when you tell him “no”, giving high fives, and using the sign for “all done” all in the past week.

And believe or not, he’s starting to slim down 😦  All the crawling and pulling up and cruising is burning too many calories.  Lol!  He had his first bad cold that required a breathing treatment last week as well.  He was a trooper and as long as I sang to him, he was fine with the mask being on.  Sweet babe.

This week Malachi said, “I love my little bruddah.  I’m so proud of him.”  (bestill my heart!)

And today the boys opened some gifts from the Curwen cousins in Colorado.  Kingston got a box with small cardboard Winnie the Pooh books.  The boys wanted to read them in their bed for naptime.  They cried b/c they couldn’t figure out how to put the books back in the box when they were done.  I told them we’d do it later.  When I got Kingston up from his nap, I saw the box with all the books haphazardly placed inside, lying on his floor for him.  They wanted to keep the gift nice so Kingston could play with it.  Can’t say they’re always so thoughtful!

Thankful he has such a sweet face and demeanor.  Gives me patience when he’s up 3 times a night like he’s been doing the past month.  Hoping it’s due to the top teeth trying to break through.

Gearing up for Christmas and still haven’t wrapped anything so need to get off here!  Merry Christmas 2011 from the Dalys!





2 responses

23 12 2011

He’s adorable! Hope his teeth come in so you can get back to sleeping through the night. It is crazy that he’s almost one!! My little guy is turning 2 tomorrow and I’m in denial as well. 😦

25 12 2011

I understand the power of turning one. I slept on the floor by Amelia’s crib the night she turned one just so I could experience her last hours of being a baby.

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