Catch up!

9 12 2011

Whew!   What a hectic couple weeks this has been!  I’ve been running ragged this past month getting in THIRTEEN holiday photo shoots plus one wedding.  I still have 3 more shoots to go this month and then will try to get gifts done after that.  In the meantime, the baby continues to grow and get into more and more every day!  Oh my!  I can’t keep up with him!

He’s crawling and pulling up and cruising everywhere and he’s understanding so much already.  His recent trick has been to shake his head side to side to music.  He’s been a little more clingy to me lately, but loves whenever Ethan is home and is tolerating his brother’s “love” much better (aka their smothering of him).  The other day, Malachi gave him his paci and told me, “See mom, I wasn’t rough at all.”

The twins have been taking swimming lessons at the “Lion-C-A” (YMCA).  The first week they were scared, but each week has gotten better and it’s been a great opportunity to help them learn the meaning of being brave.  The teacher says they’re doing really well, though they havne’t learned to swim on their own yet.  But I do see a lot of confidence growing.

The boys are sooooooooooooo excited for Christmas.  They understand so much more this year.  I’ll post more photos from our holiday decorating and festivities soon!




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