8 months going on 18…

11 11 2011

This little 8 month pirate thinks he’s going on 18 months.  He’s busy crawling and pulling up on everything and I’ve even caught him trying to stand on his own.

I try to get him to sit down more…but he’s just so proud of himself…

I may have shed a tear when I dressed him this morning and realized he was fitting in 18 month clothes already.  He seems to refuse to slow down.

We’re hunkering down for winter by getting creative with things like cardboard boxes and pulling each other around in sleeping bags…

And taking really great pictures.  So photogenic, haha!

I also want to include two stories for my own memories…

1.  The boys have started swimming lessons at the Y and the first week they were both scared.  We took them to practice a few more times and this week Malachi did great.  He was excited and confidents.  Lincoln also did well, but was much more apprehensive and cried a bit in the beginning.  I had to watch from behind glass.  The first time he went in the water, he came back and sat on the edge next to his brother and was shaking a bit and crying.  I of course want to go in and comfort him, but to my great joy, Malachi reached over and rubbed his back and comforted him.  Its’s so rewarding to see them develop compassion and empathy.

2.  Along with the theme of compassion, they were quite upset when their friend Noura was unable to come play today due to a stomach bug.  At both naptime and bedtime they wanted to pray for her.  “God thank you that Noura is not sickening anymore.”  I love the way they word things.  And love the fact that they do not know how to ask God for anything, only thank Him.  True faith, simple from a child.




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11 11 2011

i love them.

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