New Years resolution…10 months late, or 2 months early?

10 10 2011

We joined the YMCA a few weeks ago.  Kingston and I have both gained about 20 lbs. in the past year.  Time to get mine off.  I guess he can keep gaining.  It looks good on him. 🙂

Along with the exercise plan, I also cut bangs and went with a honey brown color for winter.  I figure by the time Spring comes, I’ll have lost the weight, my hair will have grown some more, and I’ll go back to blond?

My new hair cut makes me want to get glasses…I had this same craving in 3rd grade when I pretended I couldn’t see.  I told the Optomotrist that my site was blurry close up and far away.  He saw through it.  No glasses for me.  😦

I’m on my 3rd week of working out 4 times a week (1 hour a day) at the Y.  And I really love it! They have childcare and it’s such a great break in my day to take time to myself and do something just for me. 

I also want to give big props to Linc this week!  He’s officially potty (and poop) trained!  And this morning he completely undressed and dressed himself!  Socks and shoes also!  He’s my favorite this week.   

I wish Malachi would follow in his footsteps…Can’t stay mad at my free-spirited child though…

And this one has the sweetest face ever.  Tried Gerber puffs yesterday.  Wasn’t a huge hit.  But ate them anyways.  And looking at this picture makes me want to eat him!  If you haven’t kissed his cheeks, you’ll just have to trust me- they’re delicious.





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