And they keep growing…

10 10 2011

(It took a few bags of skittles, some keys, and plenty of jumping up and down to get these shots)

(They love helping Kingston stand…and then Malachi promptly pushed him down after this)

(At age 3.5 they have already mastered the fake smile.  We’re so proud.)

(I got about two smiles out of this one…apparently the grass and leaves were more interesting).

(I don’t let him stay in this position for more than a few seconds.  I’m not ready for the crawling stage yet.)

(Leaves are fun to throw.  And eat.  Hazard of being child #3- Mom is not nearly as concerned with what you put in your mouth.)

(Again- beautiful fake smile.)

(I asked him to give me his serious face.)

(And for all the reasons listed above, I truly feel so lucky to be their mom every single day.)





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