The babe

8 10 2011

Our 7 month old is quickly growing before our eyes.  And I just want to push the pause button.  He’s gotten his bottom two teeth in the past week, is nearly crawling, going from belly to sitting on his own, laughs and repeats “mama” and “baba”.   He’s eating baby food 1-2 times a day.  He is a great (and clean!) eater and likes everything except greenbeans.  He loves to laugh at his dad and brothers, and still has a very laid back and sweet nature.  As I’ve said from the day he was born, we all adore him and continue to.  I ask him daily how I got to be so lucky to be his mom.  But as is often common with the third child, the pictures are few and far between!  I feel very guilty that though we’re photographers, we don’t have nearly enough photos of this sweet babe! 

And true confession- I watched the show “The Middle” (a favorite sitcom of Ethan and me) and the grandmother told her daughter that she wished she has smelled the back of her neck more when she a little girl.  I cried.  There are little things about each of my boys that people would never notice, but as their mother, I never want to stop noticing. 

For the babe, it’s the back of his head, the little bump where his neck meets his head.  I love it.

I also love his cheek bones.  They are perfectly round and kissable.

I promise more pix of all the boys, plus favorites from our apple picking trips soon!




One response

11 10 2011

Holly, I LOVE this blog….I REALLY LOVE this blog! I need more picture frames! Kingston just gets cuter with every day, it seems. And I LOVE Malachi’s hair right now. And good for Linco with the toilet training! Just saw them all a week ago, but am missing them again!

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