The Goonies

26 09 2011

Okay, so true confession- I’ve never seen this movie from start to finish…but this image of the neighborhood boys playing reminded me of the Goonies. 


We’re missing about 4 other boys from this picture and 2 girls.  Boys certainly dominate this block!  And Malachi and Lincoln adore them.  Thankfully all the older boys (and girls) adore them right back…in fact, too much sometimes as I catch them carrying the boys around.  Reminders that they are not babies are given often.  🙂

Riding bikes, playing legos, wrestling, wearing costumes, and putting on plays are some of the daily activites.  So thankful for such nice kids and families on our block! 

Kingston is ready to play with the older kids too…but his legs just won’t cooperate. 





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