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13 09 2011

We’ve moved again.  Both to a new blog and a new house!  Surprise surprise.  To catch you up to speed, here’s a brief break-down of the past few years in Chicago and our various moves…

1.  Moved to Chicago for Ethan to attend seminary.  No seminary housing available so moved to this apartment: 

2.  Then 6 months later seminary housing opened up and we moved to a similar apartment.

3.  Then this one surprised us:

And seminary had to be put on hold so Ethan could work to support our growing family.  I was working part-time as a newborn photographer at a hospital on the southside and he started doing photography/videography as well full-time.  We moved to the southside to a huge renovated condo that was very affordable, but unfortunately in a pretty rough area.  As time progressed, we realized we needed to get to a more family-orientated area.  We desired to continue to be in a diverse area, preferred to be in a house b/c we really wanted space for the boys with a yard, and wanted to be in a vibrant community. 

3.  So with GREAT excitement, we’ve settled into a single-family brownstone home in the North Woodlawn Community.  It is everything we’ve been hoping for and more.  Daily, I’m humbled at the process it took to get here and how it’s blessed us being here more than I could have hoped for myself. 

From the perch of this porch I’m able to watch the twins ride their bikes every day with the dozen or so neighborhood kids that have warmly welcomed us in.

We’ve had green living rooms in 3 out of the last 4 places we’ve lived in.  Stuck in a rut?  Nah.  We are just trying to keep some consistency for the boys’ sake… 😉

All the wood was recently restored in the dining room. 

We really love our kitchen, and got super lucky to find this stainless steal table of Craigslist for $50!

Our bedroom/office

The nursery is right next to our bedroom and perfect for our 20 lb. 6 month old!

Poor baby got his shots and is not feeling so hot.

We now have a jacuzzi tub and the boys love taking baths.  The first night, Lincoln leaned back and sighed, “Ahhh, cool day dad.”

The twins’ room is a never-ending work in progress!

All in all, we are really loving our new house and new neighborhood.  The boys ask every day to play with their new friends.

So thankful to see them so joyful and happy. 




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22 09 2011

What a gorgeous house! So happy for you guys!

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